Ace Code Review with a RAS

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The permitting and code compliance aspect of a project can cause some anxiety. Especially when the timeline is tight and a delay can trigger financial ramifications. Knowing the typical items that can arise during accessibility review can help make the process much less intense.


State law requires projects first be registered with the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) before submitting plans for a building permit. Then plans are then reviewed by a Registered Accessibility Specialist, or RAS.  At project end, the RAS visits the job site for final verification.  AMB has two RAS professionals on staff, Breann Nash and Roy Locke. These licensed professionals review plans to ensure compliance with all ADA requirements and Texas Accessibility Standards (TAS).


The devil is really in the details. Things we typically catch with our in-house RAS review include restroom designs in tight spaces, breakroom functionality, and overall awareness of side and forward-facing reach ranges. The RAS can address accessibility questions that require a deeper understanding of the code, due to the rigorous exam required to earn the RAS license. This attention to accessibility requirements is advantageous for every project AMB completes, because there is a better chance to catch mistakes prior to their construction. It is always our goal to achieve “no comments” after plan review.


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