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Alyse Makarewivz Book Reviews

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This book presents a paradigm shift on how you think about what you want to do in your life, not just how much you get done. This was a great book to challenge the way I think. The average life is 4,000 weeks. You need to spend more time saying NO to activities to make sure you are available to say YES when it matters. I recently started volunteering for the entire weekend to be an adult volunteer for the Girl Scout SPURS (Girl Leadership program using horses) program. I’ve had multiple people ask me how do I have time. I have been saying no to activities, so when this opportunity presented itself, it met two of my goals – spending more time with my daughter and being a leader developing other leaders. That was a hands-down YES for me to do and something I really wanted. I’m grateful I freed up the space in my everyday life. If you enjoy being busy, it’s hard to create open space on your calendar and leave it open. It seems boring and unproductive. But if you can try to be comfortable with the open space for a time, the truly important and meaningful activities will come along.


Alyse Makarewivz Book Reviews


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