AMB Architects specializes in Commercial Interior Architecture.

We are a boutique design and consulting firm.

We serve employees as much as clients.

No more 80-hour work weeks. No More burning the midnight oil. Just passionate, creative professionals having fun, doing work they love, making clients happy. Alyse Makarewicz started AMB Architects in 2005.Her goal – to create a workplace to fulfill employee’s professional and personal goals. Now, 15+ years later, AMB is proud to be both an award-winning design firm and ‘best places to work’ firm.

Did you know the average American spends 87% of their life indoors? At AMB Architects, being inside is something we think about a lot. Our goal is to create real value for our clients’ real estate. We are small business experts. AMB has completed over 3,000 corporate interiors projects. Clients choose AMB because we listen and are responsive.

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