“Choose to Win”: AMB Architects Founder Alyse Makarewicz on HoustonXDesign Week

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What does your winning life look like? Is it possible to be fully successful AND fully balanced? What’s crochet got to do with it all?? AMB Architects founder Alyse Mararewicz addressed these questions and more during her presentation “Choose to Win.” It was selected to be included in the annual HoustonXDesign Week, hosted by AIA Houston.

The presentation is rooted in Zig Ziglar’s most powerful methodologies for success. Alyse is a Ziglar Legacy Certified Trainer. She incorporates Ziglar’s approach into her firm’s employees-first culture. Alyse is sharing the “Choose to Win” presentation with attendees of AIA Houston’s HoustonXDesign Week.

HoustonXDesign Week is presented annually by the AIA Houston Interior Architecture Committee. The event explores current issues impacting the profession. The 2021 event, held September 20-24 focuses on Wellness and Resilience in the Design Profession. Alyse’s “Choose to Win” presentation will focus on strategies to be more successful in all areas of life, not just the workplace. By working through a mindset — strategy — action plan, Alyse will teach participants how to replace bad habits with good habits. Here’s an inside peek: Alyse uses crochet to help her relax and focus!

“Personal wellness is first and foremost in the culture at AMB Architects. Happy, healthy employees do better work. And it makes everything more fun,” according to Alyse. “It’s exciting to share this program because the architecture profession is notorious for burning people out. By making some fairly easy changes, it is completely possible to have work/life balance without burning the candle at both ends.”

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