COH Commercial Building Permit

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How do I start a Commercial Building Permit in Houston?

One of the initial requirements when engaging in a construction project will be to secure your Commercial Building Permit with the COH. One of your main objectives is to stay on schedule and meet your target dates. AMB Architects is your best resource for supporting & assisting you in obtaining your permit.

Once you are done gathering the required documentation and completing your commercial building
pre-requisite list from the COH, AMB will assist you throughout the entire permitting process.
No matter the level of assistance needed to obtain your permit, AMB has the resources to assist you. For example, AMB can print/plot your plans, Design/Create the plans needed & handle the permitting all in one office. AMB does not just hand you a blank packet of information to fill out. AMB will complete the paperwork after obtaining details with your assistance.

What happens to my application after it is submitted to the COH?

Once you submit your permit application to the COH it will go to various departments for review. Each department will review their portion of the plans for code compliance. If there are any comments that they have, we will gather the information to inform you of them. Once all departments have reviewed the plans, we would need to re-submit any comments back for review. Hopefully you had awesome plans and it all gets approved on the first round.

AMB monitors your plans at the COH and engage in any necessary requirements to help guide the plans through the process most efficiently. We handle all department submissions including, Flood, Structural and more.

What happens if my plans get rejected?

If your plans get rejected in any department, we will review the comments to determine the course of action. If we can address them without your involvement, we will. If they require additions information, we will help convey the city code/requirements. If ejected, we will address any of the comments by working with Project Managers, Architects or Engineers to get these all handled. This includes adding any necessary pages, assembling the set for resubmission & reviewing for accuracy.

What happens is my plans are approved?

Once your plans have passed each department, the COH approves the permit in their database. At this point we pay the fee associated with the permit and deliver the documents to you.

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