Space Assessment

At AMB Architects we help to determine the amount of space required for your project.

At AMB Architects we start by reviewing your current space, if one exists. This visit allows us to evaluate the room types and sizes and to determine what is and is not working in your present design. We also evaluate the future growth of your company and allow for additional space in the new program.  Our architects & designers enter these findings into our space program template. It generates a list of rooms, sizes and circulation space then calculates the amount of space needed overall.

Our architects & designers use the space program to create a test-fit floor plan in the new location. With this basic plan we can determine how the program fits and what adjusts need to be made in the next phase of planning. If you are considering multiple locations we will test-fit the same space requirements in those locations to determine which location is better suited for your space assessment and budget.

This exercise is a critical part in the initial planning phase of your new space.

Review your space needs at your current location
Create a space program (list of rooms and sizes)
Look at how future growth will impact the space program
Create a floor plan layout of the new space requirement in your existing location
Test-fit the same requirements in additional locations to see which option meets your space requirement and budget the closest


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