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Are you questioning your open concept office due to uncertain health concerns?

All of us at AMB value learning and researching new ways to create positive changes through design. Now more than ever, design is a major factor in the post-COVID workplace. As a follow up to our blog post on social distancing, we have compiled a guide with several healthy workplace solutions that can help ease the mind of your clients and employees as they come back into the office to work.

Are you looking for a solution that does not set your office back into the days of the cubical farm?

One design solution we discuss is the micro office. This is a turnkey solution that uses demountable glass partitions to create individual  offices with the footprint of a standard workstation. It promotes the idea of an enclosure that also feels spacious, without implying false privacy. The glass partitions are ##” tall, effectively eliminating the direct transmission of airborne droplets between workstations.

Our example below  illustrates an existing layout that does not promote healthy workplace solutions reconfigured using this design concept. AMB has collaborated with WorkPlace Solutions and Collaborative Office Interiors to determine this design could be installed within 3-4 days, without a This is how much it would cost for a project like the one shown below. Costs vary by workstation count and square footage.

Please contact us to implement this concept within your work environment or discuss other options. We are happy to help find the best plan of action for your business and the welfare of your employees.

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