Valuable Time Saver for Commercial Property Managers

Valuable Time Saver For Commercial Architects

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ChaosFinishesSave time and have a well-designed code compliant finish package for your next office space.

Are you a commercial Property Manager and would like to save some time?

You have a new business that wants to lease space and move into your building. They are on a time crunch.

Or you have a customer that would like to refresh their space at lease renewal time. They need to select at a minimum carpet, paint, base, VCT and possibly P.lam. Well, actually you end up walking them through and helping them select all of those finishes.

Hopefully, you have resources in your office to speed that process up, but this can still eat up hours in your day. For those that have a hard time making up their minds, this can take several meetings with you.

AMB Architects has been working on something that I’m really excited to share with you. It will save you time and help your customer.

I realized there is a gap in the design market when it comes to selecting a finish palette package. You either have the time and budget to hire an Architect or Interior Designer or you don’t.

When you don’t you and the customer are on their own to get the finishes selected.

This can seem like a daunting task with all the options available, cost variations, discontinued products, lead times and code compliance requirements.

You have enough to do without your 2nd job as the designer.

Wouldn’t it be great is you could select a complete finish palette or better yet your customer could pick one that they like?

We are working on creating Commercial Interior Finish Palette packages that can be purchased and downloaded online. They are being designed and reviewed for code compliance by our Interior Designers and Architects.

We are starting out with a few color options and will add new ones on a regular basis.


If this could be a useful tool for you and want to know when we launch the marketplace, click here to be notified when we open the marketplace.

We are looking at about 60 days from now.

I will email you a discount code at the same time we let you know the marketplace is open.

Also, if you are seeing a popular color that is being requested and we should make sure we create a package for, please let me know. Email

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