Virtual Reality

Beauty and Technology in a single platform

Immerse yourself into your future space!

About The HTC Vive Pro

It is packed with true-to-life precision, room-scale tracking, ultra-vibrant screen colours, incredibly high contrast and uber-realistic sounds.


Spot Every Detail

High-resolution AMOLED screens, with super-rich colours and contrast, dazzle the eye and bring imagination to life.

Designed For Comfort

Headset weight is evenly distributed. Suits a wide range of head shapes and sizes and is adjustable for different pupillary distances.

Spartial Experience

VR tracking provides the best experience possible seated, standing or room-scale.

3D Spatial Audio

The Hi-Res certified HMD and headphones are now integrated with 3D spatial sound to deliver for true-to-life immersive audio.

Fully Immersive

These features along with HD haptic feedback mean realistic movement and actions in the virtual world.

Our VR Packages


View building elements and furniture with featured finishes rendered in grayscale. Includes shareable views of your space for your own device.


Fully colored three-dimensional views of your space with rendered building
elements and finishes. Includes shareable views of your space for your own device.
*Priced by the number of rooms needed.
Using our VR headset, we can transport you into your future space!

VR Gallery

People Using VR Today


Attract progressive agents.
Use VR to expand offerings to builders and developers

Property Managers

Provide a sense of scale to new tenants.
Keep tabs on progress by communicating with contractors, property managers and related parties via interactive, virtual tours and simulations of the property.


Win more listings with a differentiating factor on a listing appointment.
Show 3D tours on your website, email, and Social Media…. and more!

Common Questions

Why Virtual Reality (VR)?

Transporting our clients into an interactive 3D environment helps them to experience the design of their project as if they were there.

What are the benefits of using Virtual Reality technology in design projects?

The two biggest benefits are that it saves time and money for both our clients and designers. VR helps create an emotional connection between our client and their project as it engages them more efficiently and effectively than conventional 2D images. It also helps clients save money by allowing designers to use
the power of 360 videos and computer graphics to communicate their ideas rather than having to rely on printed 2D drawings and

What Do You Offer?

We offer you the opportunity to stand in your space as if it was completed using tools like 360 Panoramic Views, 3D Floor Plans, Easy-To-Share Links and Playable VR Sessions with the HTC Vive Pro the power of 360 videos and computer graphics to communicate their ideas rather than having to rely on printed 2D drawings and samples.

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Virtual Reality (VR) technology is a mark of the future for architecture and interior design. From giving your clients extra peace-of-mind to shortening your overall project timelines, incorporating virtual reality into the everyday workflow is soon to be not just a luxury, but a necessity. Below are some FAQs surrounding VR and reasons why you should consider incorporating virtual reality technology into your next project:

How is virtual reality different from viewing other spatial visualizations?

The first and foremost distinction is that VR is ​immersive.​ As opposed to
viewing plans, sections, elevation drawn to a downsized scale, or high-quality renderings which simply show a static scene from your project, a virtual reality environment gives both us the designers as well as our clients a more clearly defined sense of scale and a better understanding of the desired aesthetic.

How does integrating virtual reality into my project save time and money?

A. Cut down on the trial-and-error of the design process. When we can virtually stand in the space as we design, getting a sense of scale and atmosphere, we are able to come up with more informed and calculated design solutions.

B. Fewer revisions to issued drawings. As clients are given the ability to see their projects come to life before they have even begun construction, they can make crucial real-time decisions on their schematic design and overall aesthetic. Moreover, business owners and leaders can make decisions on their space that impact their company’s health and well-beings like employee headcounts in open work areas and including private wellness rooms into their plan.

C. If revisions are to be made, they can be caught earlier in the project process, rather than mid or post-construction. Like death and taxes, clients changing their minds is inevitable. However, earlier on that these changes can be made, the less money will be spent in the end.

The more dialogue that can occur between architect and client, the better the project will be. Whether your project is a 300 square-foot expansion or a 30,000 square-foot multi-floor renovation, virtual reality will be a key player in delivering a top-notch final product to another happy client.